CES 2021: 3 of the Most Exciting New Technologies

CES 2021 logo

CES 2021 over, so let’s take time to see three of the most interesting concepts to grace the digital-only exhibition. Featuring COVID-19 masks to a robot that can serve you a drink and put the dishes away.

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Haiku: In Shadows

the shadow of a couple kissing against the ground with fallen leaves

The sun pulls shadows
like a stubborn wisdom tooth
I smile awkwardly

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Dead Sea Stroll

Into the void; where I am lead
Stands the sempiternal stone

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Haiku: Blood Snow

Unsteady snow prints blood rushed away in white-out a wounded wolf’s wail

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Micropoetry: A Painter’s Journey

Each brushstrokedefined by fateor free willthe paintercannot know For every work isa layered story thatcontextualisesthe portraitof a soul

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