SEVEN-MINUTE MICRO POETRY: A Strange Case of Acidification

What is Seven-Minute Micro Poetry? Seven-minute micro poetry (#7MMP) is a writing exercise aimed at getting the creative engine started. A prompt image created by Artbreeder; an AI-generated image using a neural network serves as a jumping-off point for writing your micro poem. You have seven minutes from the moment your pen touches paper. You’re… Continue reading SEVEN-MINUTE MICRO POETRY: A Strange Case of Acidification

Micropoetry: The Jetty

I once heard the dawn birds’ folk songand was home to all manner of creatures.Though I fell and many winters passed me by,when you spotted me—offering fresh life.Now I carry the weight of children;dipping their toes into a baby blue sea.With laughter dancing all alongthe faint summer breeze.

A Crystallised Moment

Snowy bamboo groves frozen in time—cry, O’ woodpecker’s lament As the seasons wax and wane, so too does the fauna & flora. What appears as a beautiful landscape, can also spell trouble for its inhabitants. The metronomic tapping of the woodpecker disappears as the scene is captured in time. Its lament—a deathly silence. A bonus… Continue reading A Crystallised Moment

Ghosts in the Wood Grain

The old man’s carrel was carved with the finest mahogany, over the years it became varnished with Lagavulin whisky and sweat. In that tiny space, he crafted vast worlds; kings & betrayers, love & death, wonder and curiosity. Its nooks held the echoes of various late-night existential crises, angry triades of self-doubt, and the stale… Continue reading Ghosts in the Wood Grain