Ghosts in the Wood Grain

The old man’s carrel was carved with the finest mahogany, over the years it became varnished with Lagavulin whisky and sweat. In that tiny space, he crafted vast worlds; kings & betrayers, love & death, wonder and curiosity. Its nooks held the echoes of various late-night existential crises, angry triades of self-doubt, and the stale… Continue reading Ghosts in the Wood Grain

Emotional Fractals

The definition of insanityis fractal Love can be a madnessbeyond bodily comprehension Love can be dangerousa serpentine embraceleaving you breathless Love can be the acnestisof a heart forever chasingthat virgin storm The definition of loveis fractal

The Trickster and the Fool

Grief is a trickster, an emotional succubus in the guise of an elegant belle encouraging you to stay with her for a moment, to feed her your hurt. Catharsis for the soul transforms into codependency. She is the head of Algol, unable to survive without you, and so you continue to wane, living in her… Continue reading The Trickster and the Fool