Haibun: Love to Sin

Haibun: Love to Sin

As night turns to daya tryst becomes a stay. Clothes strewn across the floor, a breadcrumb trail for Lust to find her way. Sunlight beams through the window and into two lovers’ hearts.

A stirring of bodies, a hand glides over another. The electricity of the night before sparks like flint against steel and radiates outwards. The quiet, morning tension broken by the chirps of a passionate, morning chorus. Accidental voyeurs to a second sin.

The cardinal sings
of carnal sin—a climax
we’re lost in song

Emotional Fractals

The definition of insanity
is fractal

Love can be a madness
beyond bodily comprehension

Love can be dangerous
a serpentine embrace
leaving you breathless

Love can be the acnestis
of a heart forever chasing
that virgin storm

The definition of love
is fractal



New love so saccharine, cherubs watch from on high
Blushing as we writhe in angelic ecstasy
Your voice will suffice
Drown out a judgemental dirge
Doves & crows sing jealously
Two hearts heave—a frantic merge
One half of the same soul
Separate wings make us whole