Micropoetry: The Jetty

I once heard the dawn birds’ folk songand was home to all manner of creatures.Though I fell and many winters passed me by,when you spotted me—offering fresh life.Now I carry the weight of children;dipping their toes into a baby blue sea.With laughter dancing all alongthe faint summer breeze.

A Crystallised Moment

Snowy bamboo groves frozen in time—cry, O’ woodpecker’s lament As the seasons wax and wane, so too does the fauna & flora. What appears as a beautiful landscape, can also spell trouble for its inhabitants. The metronomic tapping of the woodpecker disappears as the scene is captured in time. Its lament—a deathly silence. A bonus… Continue reading A Crystallised Moment


He burnt the moon trying to catch the sunLuna’s zenith; aflame—no higherAn epilogue written in the sky by stars readHere lies the man who tried to catch fireHe tarnished silver while searching for goldAnd all he holds are the remnants of a sold out soul