CES 2021: 3 of the Most Exciting New Technologies

CES 2021 logo

CES 2021 is over, so let’s take time to see three of the most interesting concepts to grace the digital-only exhibition. Featuring COVID-19 masks to a robot that can serve you a drink and put the dishes away.

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To Learn of Domestic Abuse: A Conversation With My Mother

Content Warning: description of domestic abuse At a certain age you are no longer a child but something more. Far from adulthood, caught in a nebulous space of puberty and mental development. But the weight of responsibility is ever so slightly pressed upon you. To be trusted with a conversation about the past is one […]

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Pride! And Prejudice! The British Empire is Off-key About its History

The Proms: Britain’s classical music festival and celebration of British culture have been, for obvious reasons, a little bit different this year. But time waits for no man and September the 12th will see the culmination of an 8-week programme of music with “The Last Night of the Proms“. An annual sing-a-long ritual usually with […]

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