A Crystallised Moment

Snowy bamboo groves frozen in time—cry, O’ woodpecker’s lament As the seasons wax and wane, so too does the fauna & flora. What appears as a beautiful landscape, can also spell trouble for its inhabitants. The metronomic tapping of the woodpecker disappears as the scene is captured in time. Its lament—a deathly silence. A bonus… Continue reading A Crystallised Moment


He burnt the moon trying to catch the sunLuna’s zenith; aflame—no higherAn epilogue written in the sky by stars readHere lies the man who tried to catch fireHe tarnished silver while searching for goldAnd all he holds are the remnants of a sold out soul

Where Words Wander

In every stilted word a story lies,each pregnant pause—a poem resides.In that which remains unsaid,the truest word will rear its head. A volcanic death rattle—shatters sky,the moribund calls; my fatal cry.This meek voice undeterred,yearning to be solemnly heard.

Dinner Party of the Dead

Smoke in their eyesA silver glint in the wineShe’s serving scallops, salad, and strychnineBittersweet platter of petite deceits The dinner party’s dead “What’s your poison?” Said Death’s-headAtramentous wings shed a decaying scent“Jealousy.”The Reaper fed